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Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi have broken up after 2 years of dating .After the news made headlines, Jang Dong Min's agency.
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They want to RAISE the stature of women to be above men and they want to make women seem special and have to be treated like queens by men who if they don't get treated like they are trash. They want special privileges over and above that for men. You see them a lot at places like Allkpop and Netizenbuzz wherever many westerners hang out. Those ones who always complain that female idols get treated worse than male idols in EVERY article that pops up over there, especially in Netizenbuzz.

It's a societal thing. In the west, the men are rather afraid of the women. These women and men who support that sort of ideology have been successful in making their society like that and they want to spread this sort of thing everywhere, including to Korea. So this is where they are coming from.

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In fact, I believe although I don't know him very well that Dongmin is the type of guy who treats women like equals. I know this type of man. He is the kind who would appreciate his wife working or to have a profession because he knows how hard it is to scratch out a living and he wouldn't want someone who is a freeloader type of person. And that's why he treated Ahyoung like that but he didn't treat Yeonjoo the same way as much He was a bit annoyed with her but he exaggerated the thing for comic effect.

And he wasn't taken in by her charms and womanly wiles. For example when she stumbled in her high heels one time, he gave a sigh of frustration. A lot of people expected him to treat Ahyoung differently just because she was a woman, but he didn't. When Hyunmin wanted to give her the black garnets, Dongmin said no.

If Ahyoung was a man, there would have been no such debate over whether Dongmin should have given the garnets to that person. But because Ahyoung was a woman, some people felt she should have been treated more leniently. So I think Dongmin gave her more respect treating her like a male player or treating her no differently to how he would have treated a male player in her shoes. And overall, I found that his treatment of her was quite good because he did not give her special favors or mollycoddle her just because she was a woman.

In fact, if he had bent over too much to give especially favorable treatment to the women he was playing against, I wouldn't have respected him very much. He treated everyone like competitors, some were useful to get close to, some were not. It depended on the person and the situation.

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Anyway with regards to his jokes, off-color or not, it all boils down to his being a comedian. He has to make jokes a lot because that's his profession.

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  • Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Those people who criticize him for this and that are going too overboard and are just using those things as an excuse to express their hate and dislike and air their political agenda. I don't mind if people don't like him or even hate him, but when they try and use that kind of thing to justify their hate, I know they are reaching and looking for an excuse or they are pushing a political agenda. It is the same Lee Jung Hee mentality that prevailed at Netizenbuzz. So many people were ready to believe her just because she was a woman.

Navi and Jang Dong Min deny relationship rumors

And many women, not those feminazi types, love him. He is getting so popular these days. When I said there was a debate about whether he should be dating in open or not, I meant to say the debate was about whether he should be so obvious about dating. Because Navi came to the PC bang he was holding his fan meeting at and that put some of the fans, female fans mostly, off.

Most Shocking Korean Celebrity Couples Dating Stories Of 2018 - So Far

So yeah, it's known he's seeing this person, but people felt that bringing her to fan meetings was a little bit too much. But then others argued that he's not an idol and he doesn't really depend on fans for his income in the same way that idols do so it doesn't really matter. And actually Dongmin denied he's dating her, just saying it's a senior-junior relationship or something like that. I think there is some truth to that. I think Navi really likes him and wants to date him - she calls him his ideal type - but Dongmin isn't so sure. Also, of course he could be lying about the not-dating thing so that people get off his back.

But I had enough of entertainment news anyways. Praise him when he's on top and curse him to death when he's down. There's this news article yesterday with title "Grandma's Robot, Jang Dongmin the misunderstanding around him and the truth. Yoo Jaesuk actually said this for his program Looking Back At Me back when the controversies started.

And stuff those PDs who's so scared of those news articles and the knets comments. Look how easy it is to turn things around and look who's regretting now. It was quite a fun ep I think, JDM had the best interaction with the grandma, that's why the PD said he's a grandma expert lol. He's really good with showing his aegyo to grandmas.

J, 21 October - He was giving some of his stuff the stuff he posted at facebook to his fans. Actually he got a bit sulky during the streaming since when he made a surprise streaming appearance last time the viewer count was like people and this time it was only around people tops and kept dropping throughout the stream lolll and he was giving out pressies lolll.

Some items are brand new like the passport cover those are really pretty that has his signature on it WANT!!! The full vid is at the website if you want to watch it. Dongmin always look rough and mean but I see him as a very genuine and caring person.

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Spoiler Grandma brought them food and Dongmin asks for meat. They decided to visit the other grandmas but because Tokkaeng can't walk fast, they put him in a stroller? The back wheel is broken so Dongmin said he will fix it for grandma. Tokkaeng really looks like a baby, it's too cute.

The grandmas bragged about their own robots, it's so funny. They're like "Well, mine is better than yours. I was quite hesitant about the show at first but it's actually really cute. More Dongmin in my life is always welcome anyway.

Jang Dong Min says Navi regrets revealing their suppository incident ~ Netizen Buzz

Thank you so much for the summaries! This reinforces my opinion that the cast are the ones that make the programmes for what they are. You can have a brilliant concept but without the right people to pull it off, the programme will not deliver. TG in some way proved it in S2 as well. It had suitable cast for all seasons except for S2 and the reception showed, and I say this as a programme fan.

Allkpop is a trashy site that sensationalise articles to attract views.

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