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It's a difficult question to answer: are you truly compatible with the guy that you're dating? If not, maybe you should meet my friend, Kyle?.
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You should never feel anxious about meeting up with him; you should look forward to it and enjoy your time together! When you're in a relationship, you should mutually bring out the best in one another. You should want to be the best version of yourself for your partner and vice-versa. This also includes working together to grow as people in every aspect of your lives, whether that be emotionally, professionally, socially, etc.

Have you ever experienced being together when things aren't going swimmingly for the pair of you? For example, things going wrong at work, poor health, the death of a family member, etc. Do you know you'll stick together when things get tough? People react to challenges differently so you need to be confident you can tackle these hurdles as a team.

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Do you put off dealing with substantial red flags within your relationship? Do you also find yourself continually making excuses for your partner because they're always letting you down? If you find yourself doing this, stop making excuses for them. You can and will do better than that!

If the answer to this is that he makes you cry more than he makes you smile, you know this isn't a healthy relationship. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with passion.

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However, if he's continually making you miserable, it's safe to say that you're better off without him and his negativity. Do your friends warm to him? Do they say things like they wish they had your relationship? Or, do they try and discreetly give you advice on how to handle him? Do you get the impression they secretly hope you'll find a new fella? Do your friends think you deserve better? Your man should be the first person you want to share your good news with. Sharing and communicating what's going on in your life is so important in a relationship. He should be the one you celebrate with, and naturally, he should be happy things are working out for you.

If your answer to this question is anything other than no- then you may want to reevaluate your relationship.

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You should love everything about your partner including their flaws. If their imperfections are too much for you to deal with, then you need to learn to let go of him. You Have already started: Resume Quiz Restart Quiz. Yes, I can tell him anything and everything! No, I think he judges me sometimes!

No he's incredibly loyal! Yes, I'm constantly checking his phone! No, I trust my man! Yes, my man is always making an effort!

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No, he's never romantic! Yes, he tells everyone we're together! No, he tries to hide me away! Yes, he's never repeated a mistake! No, he does the same things to upset me all the time! No, I want us to go the distance!

Can you tell him anything?

Yes, I'm scared to commit! Yes, I feel like we're true equals. No, I feel superior in certain aspects! Yes, I'm holding a grudge and it's killing me! No, I've forgiven and forgotten! Yes, I feel like I have to play mind games all the time! No, I'm done with mind games! Yes, I'm still hung up on my ex! No, I'm completely over that moron! Yes, we're always having a laugh together! No, I hardly ever laugh with him!

No, my partner is incredibly supportive! Yes, my partner exhausts me! Yes, I love his family! No, I can't stand his family! Yes, our core values are the same! No, we're two very different people! This is the happiest relationship I've been in! I've had happier relationships! Yes, we have lots of common interests! No, we have no interests in common! Yes, I feel great when I'm with my man! No, I don't feel great when I'm with my partner! Yes, he brings out the best of me!

No, he brings out the worst in me! Yes, I know we can handle the rough with the smooth! No, I'm not sure our relationship is strong enough to handle challenges! Yes, I'm always making excuses! No, I don't need to make excuses for my partner! Yes, he makes me cry all the time! No, I hardly ever cry!

My friends wish they had my relationship! My friends aren't a fan of my man! Yes, my man is the first person I tell! No, I don't tell him first! No, I wouldn't change a thing! There's so much I would change! Not all questions have been answered.

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Skip and continue the quiz? Yes, Skip No, Stay. Angelina Jolie Or Jennifer Aniston? Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. If he's spoiling you then he obviously cares about you enough to go out of his way for you.

It might make you feel sad if you don't get though of on your birthday, do you want that? Does he ask you what's wrong when you're sad? If he wants to know what the problem is when you are upset, you should consider yourself luck because he wants to help you. It feels good to have a guy that wants to help you out when you are down rather than having someone that doesn't really care.

How long do you guys talk on the phone?

What Type Of Guy Suits Your Personality?

Do you have a lot to talk about or do you just talk about the critical details like where you are meeting or what time you are going to see each other? You don't have to talk every day, but having a bonding conversation is nice to have from time to time. Does he flirt with other women? If he does, he obviously doesn't see the two of you as exclusive. If you are looking for someone that is in it for the long haul, this guy might not be the one you are looking for. You don't want to be in competition with other women for his attention, right? Does he come over to your house?

If you aren't willing to bring him over to your house you really have to wonder why you don't want him to come over. Obviously, you don't feel that close to him, so you don't want him to come into your personal space.

That's fine, but why do you keep hanging with him? Do you live together?